Starting a Business

Success Stories

By the Numbers: Friday the 13th

A quick look at the numbers associated with Friday the 13th Franchise.
Business Ideas

Turn Passion Into Money

These entrepreneurs turned their hobbies into businesses. Learn how you can, too.
Buying a Franchise Coach Jeff Elgin

10 Things About Franchise Contracts- Part 2

Part two in the series of understanding the ins and outs of a franchise agreement contract, and how to protect yourself.
Advertising 101

5 Branding Myths Debunked

Don't get tripped up by these common misconceptions.
Startup Basics

6 Steps to the Perfect Pitch

Learn to succeed with investors--from a guy who failed.
Business Ideas

Going Nuclear

Fallout 3 was a bona fide blockbuster, but the tweaking hasn't stopped.
Business Ideas

Don't Go Gadget Phone

Don't want a cell phone packed with can openers and Forrest Gump sound effects? Hello, jitterbug.
Business Ideas

Rock the Soup Kitchen

RockCorps connects young adults and youth-hungry businesses, all in the name of giving.
Business Ideas

Adios, Excel

FreshBooks offers invoice templates, an MBA's smarts and a human touch in a slick--and affordable--Web 2.0 package.
Business Ideas

The Roof, the Roof, the Roof is in Bloom

A Philadelphia firm is turning tar paper and concrete into vast urban meadows.
Business Ideas

A Green Machine

They've already helped an entire football franchise stop and smell the roses. And it's only getting better.
Business Ideas

New Hip Destination

Medical tourism for the everyman
Business Ideas

A New Dawn for Solar

Namaste solar is harnessing the power of the sun--and politicians.
Business Ideas

It Was Written

Plastic Logic goes against the tiny-device grain with its highly anticipated e-Reader.
Starting a Business

Avoid These Startup Snafus

Three established entrepreneurs share their most infamous startup slip-ups and how they would craft a do-over.
Starting a Business

Reach These Startup Milestones

Three startup milestones to help get your business into the stratosphere.
Business Ideas

Something From Nothing

A look at how life leads to business.
Starting a Business

Talking Points

Before you share your great idea, know what to say and who to say it to.
Starting a Business

Banking on Bankless Neighborhoods

These banking entrepreneurs used greed to achieve their mission of changing the face of low-income neighborhoods.
Starting a Business

When Second Really is the Best

Sometimes it pays to follow a good act.
Business Ideas

Armor for All

As outdoor athletes move from extreme to death-defying, POC rises up to protect them from themselves.
Home Based Ideas

Get Help Starting Your Home Based Business

If you want to get started quickly and cheaply, a franchise or training program might be the choice for you.
Starting a Business

All for Profit and Profiting for All

College students are starting for-profit companies that promote social causes.

Impress Loan Officers

Banking insider shares key things that make for an impressive loan applicant.
Starting a Business

Invitations & Stationery

The invitation is the first glimpse of any big event. Couples are investing more and more on this element of their wedding. If you're creative, this could be the business for you.
Starting a Business

Events Planner

It takes very little to start up but can bring in big bucks. If you have an eye for detail and love parties, weddings and other events, consider this.
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