Starting a Business

Success Stories

Spelunking Brought Them a Goldmine

Once these entrepreneurs bought the land they used to spelunk on to start a theme park, they began the adventure of a lifetime.
Success Stories

Sampling Sweet Success

Life is sweet for two visionaries who mix sugary treats with style.
Success Stories

Breakfast of Champions

Tapping into a widespread passion, these entrepreneurs hope to make everyone's favorite breakfast food an all-day event.
Your Business Plan

Conducting a Market Analysis for Your Business Plan

One of the most critical sections of your business plan is your market analysis. Find out just what information you need to know about your potential customers.
Choosing a Business Structure

What Is a "Close Corporation"?

This corporate status allows you to operate less formally, but the restrictions on corporate shares may prove to be a burden.
Choosing a Business Structure

Partnership 101

You can create a partnership based on an oral agreement, but it's much smarter to put it in writing.
Choosing a Business Structure

Taxing Matters

Mixing two business structures could be confusing.
Finding Ideas

Be the Brains of the Operation

Get your mind in gear, and start brainstorming with tips and tricks from an idea expert.
S Corporation Basics
Choosing a Business Structure

S Corporation Basics

This type of corporation can be great for small businesses because it eliminates the double taxation of standard corporations.
Choosing a Business Structure

LLC Basics

This hybrid entity brings together some of the best features of partnerships and corporations, and is a great choice for entrepreneurs who want to move beyond the sole proprietorship.
Starting a Business

Free Tech Seminars for Women and Minority Entrepreneurs

In an effort to boost business and the economy, IT industry leaders and the government are offering free tech training--and you're cordially invited to attend.
5 Steps for Turning Your Idea Into a Product
Product Development

5 Steps for Turning Your Idea Into a Product

Got a great idea for an invention but not sure what to do with it? Turn your dream into a marketable product with these easy steps.
Home Based Legal Startup

Your Homebased Business' Structure

Follow these tips to decide which business structure is best for your homebased business.
Startup Basics

Develop the Habits to Win in Business

Mastering these 7 areas will have your company on the road to success.
Choosing a Business Structure

The Basics of Sole Proprietorships

Chances are, you're already running a sole proprietorship. Now, educate yourself on the pros and cons, the tax implications, and the legal liabilities to determine if you want to remain a sole proprietorship.
Choosing a Business Structure

Incorporating Your Business

Is incorporation right for you? Find out with this comprehensive article on the ins and outs of forming a corporation.
Your Business Plan

Timing Is Everything

Is it ever too early to plan? Give your startup an edge by mapping the next 10 years now.

Get a Grip!

5 tips to make your homebased startup journey a smooth one

Mail Call

Mail order catalogs can be a startup inventor's surefire route to success.
Business Ideas

Food for Thought

How to stay on the right legal track when starting an organic food business
Home Based Business

Get Set Up

Here's all the home-office technology you need--for less than $2,000.
Home Based Business

Home Sweet Office

When your home is your office, hiring employees is a touchy task. Learn how to set boundaries and cover your bases to make this transition smoothly.
Startup Financing

Making Bank

Ready to start your dream business, but not willing to dip into your retirement savings? Here's how to make the leap without risking future security.
Home Based Business

Home Front

How to balance your home and your business under the same roof
Home Based Business

To Your Health

Starting up? Here's where to begin when getting health insurance for yourself and your employees.
Product Development

New and Improved

Products that make life easier are all the rage. Your next big business idea may be making a good, everyday item great.
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