Starting a Business

Startup Basics

The Best Research Tools for Entrepreneurs

Visit the library or hop online, and the information you need is right under your nose.
Business Ideas

Weekend Businesses for Domestic Gods and Goddesses

Do you love working around your house--cleaning, organizing, making improvements? Because if you can run a household, you can start these weekend businesses.
Product Development

The Inside Scoop on Manufacturing

Should you manufacture your invention overseas or is "Made in America" right for you? Our expert weighs the pros and cons.
How to Hire an Attorney
Legal Basics For Startups

How to Hire an Attorney

Hiring a good lawyer is crucial to any successful business. Here's everything you need to know about finding, interviewing and hiring the very best.
Finding Customers

Building Buzz in a New Market

Ready to grow your business? Follow this step-by-step approach to winning new customers.
Startup Basics

Get Financially Fit

Improve your business's health with this advice for managing your business's financial information.
Home Based Business

10 Quick Tips for Getting Organized

Don't let the new year get away from you before you have a chance to implement these office-organizing tips.
Naming Your Business

Protecting Your Business Name

Think you have a clever name for your business? Good! But you also need to make sure that name isn't being used by someone else--and that you protect it once you're sure it's yours to keep.
Your Business Plan

Determining a Plan for Setting Prices

Guarantee a smooth startup by building a pricing strategy into your business plan.
Choosing a Business Structure

Secretary of State and Commerce Websites

Ready to incorporation? Find the information you need at one of the following sites.
How to Research Your Business Idea
Evaluating Your Idea

How to Research Your Business Idea

Your brilliant idea may indeed be brilliant--or it may need some work. Here's how to find out whether you're ready for startup.
Startup Basics

Profit-Increasing Strategies

Five ways to increase your sales and grow your business
Home Based Business

Organizing Your Home Office

Make a resolution to get organized--and stay that way--the entire year with these four tips.
Home Based Business

Home Front

How to balance your home and your business under the same roof
Your Business Plan

Writing an Executive Summary

Confused about what an executive summary is--and how long it should be? Our business plan coach sets the record straight.
Distribution and Licensing

Licensing Your Invention vs. Going Into Business

Have an idea but not sure what to do with it? Our expert explains which money-making option is right for you.
Success Stories

Comfort and Style

All women know that many undergarments can be uncomfortable and unflattering. But this entrepreneur decided to do something about it.
Success Stories

Nest Practices

Cracking the organic market at the right time was key to this egg farmer's success.
Success Stories

Sole Provider

The shoe fit for this fashion maven when it came to designing sky-high heels.
Success Stories

Ticket to Success

By bringing his ticket brokerage online, this entrepreneur found success.
Success Stories

Keeping an Eye on the Media

This entrepreneur turned an adrenaline rush into a thriving business.
Success Stories

Taking Sportswear to a New Level

Chic meets beach at this upscale fashion destination.
Success Stories

Guilt-Free Goodies

How one entrepreneur found sweet success with healthy cookies
Success Stories


After being left behind the velvet rope, this entrepreneur created a hip online destination for nightclubbers.
Success Stories

Karate Kids

This former ballerina and stunt woman has turned her love of martial arts into an empire.
Success Stories

Making a Mint

Who knew millions could be found in such tiny packages?
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