Starting a Business

Home Based Legal Startup

Benefits of a Resale License

A closer look at why you may need it-and how to obtain one
Hiring Employees for Your Homebased Biz
Home Based Basics

Hiring Employees for Your Homebased Biz

Before you place a classified ad for your first employee, take these 10 points under consideration to find out if you're really ready to add to your homebased staff.
Business Ideas

Starting a Business as a Personal Shopper

Shopping isn't just their passion; it's their business. And it's no job for an amateur. Learn how these fashion-forward pros make their living at the checkout counter--and how you can, too.
Your Business Plan

When a Business Plan Fails

Not sure why your plan isn't getting you anywhere? Check out what you should and shouldn't do.
Your Business Plan

Projecting Income

Prove your worth to investors by showing them how you'll bring in the money.
Your Business Plan

Updating Your Business Plan

There are many reasons why you should revisit your business plan.
Your Business Plan

Business Plan Risks

How to present your business risks without scaring away investors
Your Business Plan

Do Your Research

Don't forget to include market information in your business plan.
Your Business Plan

Preparing for a Business Plan Presentation

Win over investors by knowing your business plan inside out.
Your Business Plan

Determining Your Competition

Sometimes it's not obvious who your competition is. Here's how to find out and present it in your business plan.
Leasing Retail or Office Space for Your Startup

Smart Tips for Lease Negotiations

Follow these 6 tips when negotiating your first commercial lease.
Distribution and Licensing

Taking License

It pays to do your homework before signing a licensing agreement.
Your Business Plan

Elements of a Business Plan

There are seven major sections of a business plan, and each one is a complex document. Read today's selection from our business plan tutorial to fully understand the components of your business plan.
Finding Ideas

Will It Pay?

Turning your hobby into a profitable business.
Business Ideas

5 Senior Businesses to Start

Seniors are the hottest demographic out there, and this market is only going to get bigger. Get in on this growth industry with these five hot businesses.
Your Business Plan

Why You Must Have a Business Plan

It's more than a tool for getting funding. Think of it as the road map to your business's future.
Business Ideas

9 Senior Businesses to Start

Seniors are the hottest demographic out there, and this market is only going to get bigger. Get in on this growth industry with these nine hot businesses.
Business Ideas

The Hottest Teen Business for 2005

Feeling young at heart? Up on your trends? Then you might be in a great position to open a teen-oriented business. Here are the hottest ideas for 2005.
Startup Basics

Conducting a Break-Even Analysis

This tool will help you determine how profitable your product or service can be.
How-To Guides for Home Based Businesses

How to Get Free Employees for Your Business

Colleges, high schools and trade schools are great sources of eager-and free-workers for your business.
How to Find the Best Location

How to Find the Best Location

A guide to scouting out a location for your food or retail business, sizing up demographics and getting the help you need
Business Ideas

13 Hot Businesses for 2005

From high-tech clothes to wine, eBay drop-off stores to tech security, the business ideas on our 2005 hot list run the gamut. But they have one thing in common: They're sizzling hot and just waiting for you to bring them to life.
Your Business Plan

Getting In on the University Business Plan Competition Circuit

Entering a business plan contest could be your ticket to success. We've got the scoop on 21 popular competitions nationwide--read on to find the right one for you.
Home Based Business

Finding Administrative Help

If your one-man show could use a little help, check out these five sources for clerical assistance that won't break the bank.
Startup Basics

Getting Startup Paperwork Together

A look at the federal, state and local permits and registrations you'll need to do business.
Product Development

Beyond the Big Idea

You've got a million-dollar idea; now all you need is a strategy to make it marketable. These inventors brought their ideas to life--and hit it big. Find out how they made it happen.
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