Starting a Business

Startup Basics

Have a Little Class

Small-business newbies can learn the ropes online.

Stop Dreaming-Start Your New Business Now

Ready to get your head out of the clouds and make that business dream a reality? Find your inspiration, focus on the goal and take it one step at a time.
Furnishing Your First Store or Office

Furnish Your Office in Style

Maximize space and improve communication with the right systems furniture in your office.
Legal Basics For Startups

Legal Aspects of an E-Business

3 important things to consider before you start your e-business
Evaluating Your Idea

Testing Your Idea

Is it worth it to give up your full-time job for your business idea?
Distribution and Licensing

Can a Corporate Partner Help You Market Your Invention?

Finding a Fortune 2000 to help you manufacture, market and distribute your product isn't as hard as it sounds if you follow this advice.
How to Start a Medical Claims Processing Business
Home Based Ideas

How to Start a Medical Claims Processing Business

A doctor's attention should be on patients--not money matters. Help medical professionals focus on their core competencies with a medical billing service.

Notions in Motion

Itching to turn an idea into reality? You've got to answer the call and take charge to make it happen.
Venture and Angel Investors

Show 'Em the Money

Lending a hand to minorities in the search for VC backup

Bi-Coastal Business

Is it possible to be in two places at once? Maybe, if you're planning your own business.

Homebased Startup Checklist

The devil is in the details--we've created this checklist so you don't forget anything crucial when starting your new business.
Setting Up Your Office

Bring Order to Your Office

Follow this simple rule to eliminate the clutter from your work space.
Distribution and Licensing

The Bigger, the Better

If you need quick cash flow to stay in business—and who doesn't?—skip the small retailers and go straight for companies that buy in bulk.
Startup Financing

A Penny Saved . . .

and you've taken your first step to starting a business.
Startup Basics

Buying the Company You Work For

How to make the transition from working for a company to owning it
Your Business Plan

How to Set Starting Salaries

Determining the salaries of your company's founders will impact both funding and friendship.
Setting Up Your Office

Making Time for Organization

You can't afford not to with all the time you waste being unorganized.

Innovative Model

Joey Reiman has thought up stuff you've only dreamed about--and now he's going to share his secrets of innovation with you.
Finding Ideas

Looks Like Rain

If you've thought and thought and still haven't come up with any great ideas, don't sweat. We've got the tips to turn your bone-dry brainstorming sessions into hurricane-force innovation.

Lighting the Way

In the dark because your oddball product doesn't fit with buyers? There is success at the end of the tunnel.
Home Based Ideas

6 Steps to a Successful Online Auction Business

Going once, going twice: Online auctions make it easier than ever to sell products online. So what are you waiting for?
Legal Basics For Startups

Starting a Homebased Business as a Teen

Entrepreneurs under the age of 18 have special legal issues to consider.
Legal Basics For Startups

How to Find a Lawyer

Every business needs a good attorney--so here's how to find one just for you.
Your Business Plan

Business Plan Help

Where to go for assistance
Your Business Plan

Down and Dirty Market Research

You can learn a lot by visiting your competitors.
How-To Guides for Home Based Businesses

Taking Control of a Busy Schedule

You're busy all day long, but how much are you really getting done?
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