Starting a Business

Business Ideas

Winning at the Game of Love

These diverse companies all have one thing in common: They've turned love into big business. Find out how you too can cash in on the romantic holiday.
Your Business Plan

Nervous About Writing Your Business Plan?

If the thought of putting pen to paper makes your knees weak, know that your plan is less about perfect prose and more about the bottom line.
Startup Basics

For Your Information

Check out these resources that any startup can use.
Your Business Plan

Build a Better Business Plan

Bypass some of the most common mistakes made by startup entrepreneurs, and you'll zero in on a better business plan.
How To Start a Business

Finding Products for Your Business

Startups are full of challenges. Our guide tells you everything you need to know to make sure you've got the right stuff.
Distribution and Licensing

Product Licensing Basics

What does it take to transform your product from a mediocre seller to a megahit? The answer could be as simple as inking a licensing deal.
Growth Strategies

Getting Past Your Business Launch

11 tips to act on now that'll help you keep your business going well beyond the startup phase
Business Ideas

12 Hot Business Ideas

So you know you want to start a business, but you're not sure what kind of business to start? We've made your decision easier by spotlighting 12 of today's hottest business ideas.
Finding Ideas

Spot the Latest Trends

Spotting trends can put your business in the money for the long haul.

The Mom Entrepreneur Juggling Act

Starting a part-time business while caring for kids is no simple feat, but this challenge has its rewards.
Success Stories

All-Inclusive Snacks Take Off Across the Continent

This couple found a recipe for success in allergen-free treats.
In The Mix
Protecting Your Idea

In The Mix

How can you protect your secret recipe?
Success Stories

Yogurt Entrepreneurs Thrive on Repeat Business

Their frozen yogurt is so good, customers will break the law for a taste of the nonfat dessert.
Business Ideas

Cater to the New Downtown Consumer

As consumers flee the 'burbs, they'll need help from you.
Startup Basics

Think Your Startup's Destined to Fail?

Debunking the myth that most startups crash and burn.

Hot New Market: Online Worlds

Should you take your business to the virtual world?
Startup Basics

7 Secrets to Success

Ever wish you had a cheat sheet for starting a great business? Icon Brian Tracy's 7 core principles are as close to it as you can get.
Choosing a Business Structure

Business Partnerships for Entrepreneurial Women

When it comes to establishing and maintaining an effective partnership, it helps to factor in success, failure and life.
Product Development

Reinventing the Inventor

Being a successful inventor doesn't stop at thinking up your big idea--you need to learn to be a smart businessperson, too.
Your Business Plan

The Problem With Unplanned Growth

One all-too-common business planning pitfall is not planning for quick growth. See how one company got into trouble, then got out again.
Business Ideas

Starting a Second Life Business

Find out what entrepreneurial opportunities the virtual world of Second Life has to offer.

Selling Computers and Accessories on eBay

If you're a tech junkie, computers and accessories could be the perfect eBay category for you.
Business Ideas

Choosing the Best Business Idea

Think you have a hot business idea? Put it to the test.
Pet Business Center

Pamper Pets by Selling Upscale Pet Products

Some pet owners will go to any length to make their pets happy, which creates a healthy market for your new business.
Business Ideas

Open a Pet Food Store

Whether you sell treats online or in a brick-and-mortar store
Business Ideas

Groomed for Success

Pamper pets by starting your own pet grooming business.
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