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Business Ideas

Summertime Treats Grow Up

To kick off National Ice Cream Month, we rounded up the top trends in the scrumptious world of frozen desserts, from blinged-out ice cream trucks to brewery popsicles.
Business Ideas

Getting Fit Gets Fun

These five out-of-the-ordinary fitness trends will inspire advanced athletes and motivate the most hesitant of beginners.
Startup Basics

Business Licenses

Make sure you have the appropriate state and federal licenses.
Startup Basics

Born Free

Start freelancing what you used to do as a full-time job.
Startup Basics

Good Buy

What to find out before buying an existing business
Success Stories

Meet UFC President Dana White

Dana White shares his business insight on how he raised a pay-per-view spectacle from the dead and made it the hottest combat sport in the world.
Startup Basics

New Business Burnout: Don't Be a Victim

How to keep stress at bay before your startup grinds you down.
Protecting Your Idea

Top Secrets

The newest way to keep trespassers off your intellectual property.
Protecting Your Idea

Best Defense

Protecting your intellectual property
Product Development

Lookin' Good

Giving your products visual impact
Success Stories

Starting from Scratch

The odds were stacked against them. But these entrepreneurs--who started with next to nothing--credit their hard work and tenacity for helping them make millions.
Business Ideas

Cash In on 'I Do'

These 43 emerging and well-established businesses help couples tie the knot--and could help you turn a profit.
Business Ideas

Cash In on 'I Do': 43 Business Ideas

These 43 emerging and well-established businesses help couples tie the knot--and could help you turn a profit.
Business Ideas

Cash In on 'I Do': Low-Cost Startups

Check out these low-cost startups that could be cheaper than paying for a wedding.
Business Ideas

Cash In on 'I Do': Home Based Businesses

Help couples tie the knot with these businesses you can run from your home.
Business Ideas

Cash In on 'I Do': Service-Oriented Businesses

If working closely with newlyweds-to-be appeals to you, consider these service-oriented businesses.
Business Ideas

Cash In on 'I Do': Product-Oriented Businesses

By offering these products, you can help make a couple's wedding stand out.
Business Ideas

Cash In on 'I Do': Rentals

These rental businesses could be your 'in' to the wedding industry.
Business Ideas

Cash In on 'I Do': Planning and Advising

Your expertise may be just what engaged couples need.
Business Ideas

Cash In on 'I Do': Favors and Accessories

Give weddings a personalized touch by offering these products.
Business Ideas

Cash In on 'I Do': Creative and Artistic Businesses

Do weddings inspire your creative side? Then check out these artistic businesses.
Startup Financing

Government Venture Capital Resource

Where to find Small Business Investment Companies
Distribution and Licensing

Beam Me Up

Companies that can help you get your product onto direct-response TV stations and into retail stores

Patent Legalese

Find the right person to protect your idea.
Your Business Plan

Building a Strategy Pyramid

Need help implementing your ideas? This approach may provide you with the structure you need.
Success Stories

Baby on Board

Need a business idea? Have a baby. Meet some entrepreneurs whose role as fathers led to successful ventures.
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