Starting a Business

Protecting Your Idea

Patent Holders Given Edge in Battle Against Infringers

Supreme Court decision eases inventors' burden of proving someone else has violated their patent rights
Setting Up Your Office

Creating a More Productive Office

Organize your environment by removing the small irritants that hinder your achievement.

Want Some of This?

A good product is nothing without a customer who wants to buy it.
Home Based Business

When Is It Time to Grow?

Taking your homebased business to the next level could mean abandoning that cozy home office for commercial office space. Are you prepared for the transition?
Protecting Your Idea

Answers to 3 Tough Copyright Questions

When designing your marketing materials, take care not to rip anyone off in the process.
Startup Financing

Minority Loan and Grant Programs

The right program can ease the transition from pre-funding planner to full-fledged entrepreneur.
Protecting Your Idea

The Risks of Sharing Your Idea

It's every entrepreneur's worst nightmare: Someone has stolen your idea. How can you really protect yourself?
Legal Basics For Startups

Developing a Solid Relationship with Your Attorney

The second in a three-part series on dealing with the new professionals in your business life
Setting Up Your Office

Organize Your Organization Process

Before you get buried under piles of files, create a system to help you stay organized.

I Needed That

Looking for an innovative product customers will buy? Think of what you need in your work or hobby.
Home Based Ideas

Starting a Part-Time Child-Care Service

The market is there for this type of service--so here's how to find it.
Finding Ideas

Generation Next

Move over, Gen X. Today's teens have learned from their predecessors that entrepreneurship is the career path of choice.

Inventing A to Z

Everything you ever wanted to know about making your big idea a marketable reality
Home Based Business

Finance Your Money Right

Understanding how bank financing works will save you time and money.
Startup Basics

Will My Loan Cover My Salary?

If you want to quit your job to start a business full time, a loan can help cover not only your operating expenses, but also your salary.
Home Based Business

What Should I Use as My Business Address?

Solutions to your most common mail-handling questions

At Ease, Private!

Private labeling offers an end to all the woes of dealing with retailers.
Home Based Ideas

The Pros and Cons of Network Marketing

Is network marketing all it's cracked up to be?
Business Ideas

Starting an Arts & Crafts Business

Think all you need to know is how to knit or paint? Not quite. If you want to start a serious crafts business, you'll have to focus on the business and the craft.
Home Based Business

Baby Boom Benefits

Want to cash in on the biggest boom yet? Let these ideas get you started.
Home Based Business

Shed Some Light

If sitting at your desk all day makes you feel lousy, it may not be all the work. You probably need more light.
Home Based Business

Start-Up Success

Keep a positive outlook when starting your new business.
Home Based Business

Restore Your Store

A makeover for your store can do wonders for business.
Home Based Business

Business Meetings In A Family Business

Family meetings should still get down to business.
Home Based Business

Conquer Your Fear Of Public Speaking

Overcome stage fright with these tips.
Startup Basics

Quitting Your Job Without Burning Bridges

You've built your part-time business into a full-time venture. Here's how to tell your boss--a potential future client--without ruining your relationship.
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