Starting a Business

Business Ideas

Start a Business Creating Custom PCs

Despite a mature market, there's still room for smart startups in the custom PC industry.
Startup Basics

Put Your Focus on Startup

You may feel like you have a million things to do when starting a business, but there are really only 7 main areas that deserve your undivided attention during startup.

Selling Cars on eBay

Get your automotive business in gear with help from eBay Motors.
Business Ideas

Find Your Inspiration

Let your passion for a business idea lead to entrepreneurial success.
Finding Customers

Figuring Out Your Competive Advantage

Boost sales by selling customers on your competitive advantage.
Startup Financing

When You Need a Tiny Loan...

Look to microlenders for funding.
Success Stories

Time for Change

Meet our e-commerce makeover winners, whose online sales are set to soar.
Business Ideas

eBay Made Easy

Starting an eBay business is effortless with these 10 simple steps.
Your Business Plan

Are You Keeping to Your Business Plan?

Learn from one entrepreneur's story of how not sticking to an important part of his startup plan landed him in a sticky situation.

Use Equity to Get Aligned with Service Providers

When starting out, offer equity to the professional service providers you need to succeed.
Business Ideas

5 Home Design Businesses to Start

If you've got a knack for interior design, painting or fix-it work, one of these business ideas could be your perfect opportunity.
Protecting Your Idea

Time to Patent

Protect your new product with a patent.
Legal Basics For Startups

Writing a Basic Vendor Contract

Protect your business with a strong contract.
Success Stories

Watching YouTube

From a garage to Google: how YouTube became the biggest entrepreneurial success story of 2006
Raising Money From Informal Investors
Borrowing Startup Funds From Friends and Family

Raising Money From Informal Investors

The devil's in the details when taking money from--and structuring a deal with--friends, family and angel investors.
Distribution and Licensing

Licensing Your Product

If you've got a fab product but need help selling it, look into licensing.
Money Basics

Lowering Startup Costs

Control your startup costs with a few simple measures.
Startup Basics

6 Secrets Millionaires Know That You Don't

Ever wonder what it takes to build a million-dollar business? Get the scoop on how successful entrepreneurs do it, and you may soon be one of them.
Startup Basics

Word From the Wise

There's a lot to learn on the road to the top. Here, 5 highly successful entrepreneurs reveal what the journey has taught them.

Maternal Instinct

Mompreneurs have the skills it takes to raise kids--and new businesses.
Business Ideas

Become an eBay Trading Assistant

Are you a stellar eBay seller? Consider using your expertise for a profit.
Home Based Business

Lots on Your Plate?

Balancing your entrepreneurial duties is tough, but you can channel your stress into action.
Your Business Plan

Planning to Become a Real Estate Broker

Answer these 3 key questions to form the basis of your real estate broker business plan.
Starting a Business

Don't Get Stalled at Startup

Follow these 8 simple rules for ensuring your startup will be around for the long run.
Business Ideas

Be an Exclusive Distributor

Becoming the exclusive U.S. distributor of a foreign product can be a great way to secure startup success.
Startup Basics

Dealing With Startup Change

Even a solid business plan can't stop the inevitable. How will you deal?
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