Starting a Business

How to Start a Staffing Services Business
Startup Kits

How to Start a Staffing Services Business

If there's one thing that can give any business owner a headache, it's staffing. Soothe your clients' pain by finding and placing the best employees for their needs.
Product Development

Selling Your Idea

Don't go into an investor presentation unprepared.
Your Business Plan

Business Plan Tips

How much technical information should you include?
Your Business Plan

Creating Knock-Out Business Proposals

Taking the time to tailor your proposal makes all the difference in the eyes of a client.
Finding Ideas

Pounce On Inspiration

And turn your hobby into a business.

Zzzzzz . . .

Worried your product will be a bore to consumers who think they've seen it all before? A good marketing strategy will let you rest easy.
Startup Basics

Peep Peep

In a business climate where the line between laying the golden egg and becoming poultry is a fine one, can an incubator provide the help you need?
Business Ideas

Business Idea: Salsa Dancing

Even if you have two left feet, this Latin rhythm can be big biz.
Startup Basics

First-Time Business Buyer

You've got your work cut out for you.
Evaluating Your Idea

Choosing the Best Business Idea

How to evaluate several ideas and decide which business would be right for you.
Choosing a Business Structure

Crafting a Shareholder's Agreement

Protect yourself and your fledgling business with this crucial contract.
Startup Basics

Choosing the Best Business to Buy

Franchise, business opportunity or going it alone? Weigh the pros and cons of each before making your choice.
Your Business Plan

Choosing Which Business to Build

Determine what your customers need, and then go on from there.
Product Development

The Inventor's Cut

Getting your fair share from the manufacturer
Protecting Your Idea

When is Information Free?

In a free society, is publicly available information yours for the taking?
Startup Financing

On The Money

A step-by-step guide to raising money for your start-up
Product Development

Hoop Dreams

When you're having trouble finding a manufacturer for your product, these ideas may help you locate the one you want.
Business Ideas

Learning Curve

If you think you've got the skills to teach others, here are four ways to take advantage of your talents.
Home Based Ideas

From Freelancer to Design Firm Owner

How to transition from freelance jobs to creating your own firm
Home Based Ideas

Tutoring Service

Help kids excel academically with niche tutoring.
Product Development

Locating Manufacturers

Tools to help you find the right manufacturer
Startup Financing

Got Cash?

Financial resources for women and young entrepreneurs
Protecting Your Idea

Copyright Laws Regarding Product References

Guidelines for using product names in publications
Your Business Plan

Creating A Management Team

A solid business plan and a knowledgeable team could help you get financing.
Product Development

Invention Success Secrets

A look at the ins and outs of the business of inventing
Evaluating Your Idea

Hot . . . Or Not?

Is that "hot" start-up concept all it's cracked up to be? How to test your idea and start the business that's right for you
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