Starting a Business

Home Based Business

Spreading The Word About Your Business

If no one knows about your business, you're not going to grow anywhere. Here's how to start getting the word out.
Home Based Business

The Professional-Sounding E-Mail Address

If you don't have one yet, it's time to get your own domain-name e-mail address.
Home Based Business

Do Your PR Homework

Before you make your pitch to the media, find out what they're looking for.
Home Based Business

Best Way To Expand Your Market

If you're thinking about growing your business, here's the way to do it smart.
Home Based Business

Sticking-To-Your-Budget Tips

If you're always spending more than you'd planned, take our advice for trimming costs.
Home Based Business

Are You Cut Out To Be A Homebased Business Owner?

If you have these key traits, you just might be.
Business Incubators

It's a Bra!

How one woman gave birth to a $100,000 product
Protecting Your Idea

Hush Hush

Keep your mouth shut about a new product you're developing, and you may gain the foothold you need to succeed.
Distribution and Licensing

Inventing Business

People want to start businesses. They just need an idea: yours.
Startup Financing

Off The Beaten Track

There's more to financing than banks alone.
Business Ideas

Tech-Support Company

Turn people's baffling computer mishaps into a money-making opportunity.
Home Based Business

Choosing The Right Bank

Feel like just a number at your bank? Then you might want to take some of your business to a niche bank.
Startup Basics

Buyer And Seller Beware

Whether you win or lose in the sale of a C or S corporation depends on the structure of the deal.
Your Business Plan

Paying Vendors With Equity

How to determine how much to offer
Home Based Business

What To Do When You're Stressed

Stressed out? Most entrepreneurs are. Here are a few tips to handle your stress in a productive way.
Home Based Business

Disorganized Offices Can Create Safety Hazards

Five tips on how to clean up your act and turn a messy office into a safe haven.
Home Based Business

Government Help For Growing a Homebased Business, Part 2

SBA's little-known programs are uncovered for your business's benefit.
Home Based Business

Government Help For Growing A Homebased Business, Part 1

SBA's little-known programs are uncovered for your business's benefit.
Home Based Business

Posture Perfect

Who needs more aches and pains? Check out three products that'll ease your back.
Home Based Legal Startup

Hire an Attorney

One of the best assets a new business owner can have is a strong team of advisors, and a key player will be your attorney.
Choosing a Business Structure

The Basics of Incorporating

The paperwork-and costs-involved with registering a company
Home Based Business

New Business Taxes

Tips for new business owners on how to be tax-savvy
Home Based Business

Are You Ready To Meet The Press?

What you should and should not do when talking to the media
Business Licenses and Permits
Startup Basics

Business Licenses and Permits

Compliance is key when starting a business. Find out which permits you need to obtain for your new venture.
Home Based Legal Startup

Business Zoning

Home is where the business is, and it's also where a lot of regulations are. Make sure you're actually allowed to have a business in your home before you start by investigating your zoning ordinances.
Home Based Business

Time-Saving Strategies That'll Have You on Top, Part 3

Wish you had more hours in the day? These tips may make you feel like you do.
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