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A Disaster With a Peaceful Ending

When Seeds of Peace's building was destroyed, a disaster recovery plan got them back to business in hours and they didn't lose any data.
April 15, 2008 in Technology

Social Networking Q & A

Russell Rothstein, CEO and founder of Sales Spider, discusses how smaller businesses can use social networking to grow sales and extend their reach.
April 14, 2008 in Technology

9 Steps to Better Security

As your business gets more dependent on technology, your computer becomes more targeted by hackers and others constantly on the prowl for vulnerabilities.
April 9, 2008 in Security

Database in the Sky

Using a web service as your database can save you lots of time, money and frustration.

Hopping Over UC Hurdles

Get the most out of unified communications while setting up beneficial user access and security policies.
April 2, 2008 in Technology

How to Speed Up Windows Vista

SP1 may not give your system much more oomph, but there are other ways to speed Vista up. Spending a few minutes (or a few dollars) optimizing your Vista PC can help it get its groove on.
April 1, 2008 in Apps & Software

Download Manager Tips, Reader Q&A

An important message for FlashGet users, plus how to fix weird PC clock problems--and a brand new time-wasters section.
April 1, 2008 in Technology

Put Your Picture on a Magazine Cover

Use the MagMyPic Web site to make a clever novelty magazine cover in just a few clicks.
March 31, 2008 in Technology

Memos on the Go

How to capture ideas and reminders when you're in transit--using tools you may already have.
March 26, 2008 in Office Tech

Implementing Green IT

Ask yourself these 5 questions to gain the energy efficiency, reliability, and business continuity that comes with green IT.
March 25, 2008 in Technology

Sites' Personal Questions May Pose Security Risk

Asking about your mother's home town is supposed to help legitimate sites protect your online accounts--but experts say hackers know more about you than you might think.
March 25, 2008 in Security

Why You Should Hire Independent IT Consultants

Hire quality IT expertise that won't squander your budget and will deliver what you need.
March 20, 2008 in Technology

Choosing an Online Backup Provider for Your Smaller Business

Smaller businesses can back up data online with ease.
March 18, 2008 in Technology

A Mobile Future

The new technology of smartphones offers huge potential for entrepreneurs.
March 17, 2008 in Mobile

The Best Salesperson: Your Website

Transform your website into a sales representative by using these online features.
March 13, 2008 in Technology

7 Social Networking Strategies

From sourcing talent to building brand awareness to prospecting for customers, social networking can help you manage many aspects of your smaller business -- if you know what you're doing. Here's how to hit the goldmines and avoid the landmines.
March 10, 2008 in Technology

Smaller Businesses Confront Instant Messaging

Instant messaging offers many benefits for smaller businesses, but also presents surprising choices and real risks. Ignoring IM is no longer an option.
March 4, 2008 in Technology

Jerks of the Web

We've all run into obnoxious people on the Internet. But these are the kinds of idiots who make you feel like logging off permanently.
March 3, 2008 in Security

11 Internet Myths Debunked

Think creating a website for your biz is too complicated? Avoid the myths and find out the simple truth.
March 1, 2008 in Building a Website

Pinnacle Systems VideoSpin

VideoSpin is useful for free video editing software, but watch out for the ads.
February 29, 2008 in Apps & Software

Coming From Asia: The Next Cool Cell Phones

GPS, electronic compasses, and new software will soon let our phones show us around town.
February 27, 2008 in Mobile

Carry a PC in Your Pocket

With a USB keychain drive and a little forethought, you can carry a personalized computer everywhere and leave your laptop at home.
February 21, 2008 in Office Tech

Vishing: The Latest, and Greatest, Security Concern

Cybercriminials' latest effort involves a combination of VoIP and phishing and is aimed squarely at small and midsize businesses
February 20, 2008 in Technology

Five Smart Fixes for Dumb PC Annoyances

Say good-bye to annoying red (and yellow) Windows warnings, stop USB device problems, replace your Clipboard, and Webify your mail.
February 15, 2008 in Technology

New Payroll and HR Services

Outsourcing human resources and payroll functions may no longer be cost effective or even more productive for small and midsize companies.
February 12, 2008 in Technology

Four Essential Photo Editing Tricks

You don't have to be a Photoshop expert to take great pictures--but you should know this handful of common editing techniques.
February 10, 2008 in Apps & Software
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