Entrepreneur's Gift-Giving Guide

How to properly and effectively show your appreciation for employees and clients--in any season

Become a Gift-Giving Guru

Choosing the right gift is harder than it seems--and choosing the wrong one could cost you.
Last December, Jennifer Finke, having thoroughly enjoyed working for a client, decided to send her a gift. Finke, 32, who owns JF Communications, a public relations and corporate writing firm in Denver, had a goal similar to any entrepreneur. She wanted to let her client know that it had been wonderful to work with her--and, of course, subtly hint that the door was wide open to work on any future projects. Read More »

Use Gifts to Reinforce Your Alliances

5 ways to move beyond appreciation and deepen your client relationships.
Whether it's the holiday season or any other time of year, the purpose of giving gifts to clients, business partners or customers is always the same. In short, gifts serve as both a thank-you (showing recipients that you truly appreciate and value them) and a brand-building tool. But with the sheer volume of gifts and promotional items that people receive from businesses increasing every year, how do you cut through the tchotchke clutter and choose a memorable gift that gets you noticed and reinforces your relationship?

Here are five ways you can reinforce your marketing messages with gifts and show the recipients that they are important to you in more ways than just a sale: Read More »

Capitalize on Meaningful--and Affordable--Gifts

It's the thought that counts, so you might as well save a few bucks.
Small businesses want their clients and employees to know they're appreciated, and the holidays provide an ideal opportunity to say thank you. Most businesses don't have extra money to throw around, so you have to be practical and--dare we say?--sometimes even cheap.

Here are some creative and inexpensive holiday gift ideas that speak volumes without breaking the bank. Read More »

What a Little Giving Can Get You

In the spirit of the season, our gift to you: 4 ways to give a little--and get a little back.

I'm talking donations that not only help spread holiday cheer to needy families and worthy causes but also help you save money on your personal and business taxes this year.

Here are four tax-savvy giving strategies to consider by Dec. 31: Read More »

Treat Customers to a Holiday Party

Give your seasonal marketing a personal touch by hosting a special event.
With the holidays just around the corner, it's time to think about charitable giving--the kind that has a double bottom line.

Some market-watchers predict that this holiday season will show an uptick in sales as compared to last year. That's promising news. It also means the holiday marketing onslaught is on, full throttle.

How do you plan to rise above the crowd? Consider hosting a special holiday event. Read More »