Most of you have likely felt the pinch of the deepening recession: cutting costs, laying off employees, scaling back projections, putting off large purchases. You're wondering what more you can do. To help you reach your entrepreneurial goals, we've created this economic downturn survival guide. We've got all your pain points covered: everything from how to woo recession-minded consumers to 50 ways you can save money in your business to perks that work in lieu of raises. Get advice straight from the experts in your industry on exactly how you must adapt your business plans, practices, marketing strategies and more during a recession.
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How You Can Leverage a Layoff

Jobless? Take this as an opportunity to start your own business.

5 Bizzes That Are no Longer a Good Idea

These businesses were hot in 2006 and '07. Now? Find out.


Recession Cost-Cutting No-Nos

Resist the temptation to make these bad business decisions during the downturn.

Real-World Cost-Cutting Practices

These 4 companies are saving money in day-to-day operations. And they're doing it without affecting the customer experience.


Best and Worst Marketing Ideas . . . Ever

Take a cue from these 13 killer campaigns--and 5 flops.

Economic Crises Call for Better Marketing Plans

Waiting for the next crisis to hit means you will have waited too long to revise your business plan.

Sales & Advertising

How to Advertise Now

Unsure what to cut and what to keep? This smart, 4-point checklist is your guide to recession-era advertising.

Stay Strong When Business Gets Rough

Barry Farber lays out ways to deal with sales setbacks and negative situations.

Management & HR

It's An Employers' Market: Job Losses Grow

December job-loss data are the worst since the 1930s. But don't expect this to turn into another Great Depression.

2009: a Call For Vision

Blinders are for horses. Make sure you see potential where others see failure.

Online Business

12 Free Tools for Online Businesses

If you're looking for ways to save money and make your e-business more profitable, check out these free tools and resources recommended by our e-business expert.

Starting an Online Business in a Down Economy

As shoppers flock to their computers instead of driving to the mall, entrepreneurs with e-businesses can make a hefty sum.

Frugal Choices for On-Demand Tech

The software-as-a-service concept is growing, bringing low-cost internet applications to businesses of all sizes and saving entrepreneurs dough with zeros and ones.


Good Time to Get a Deal on a Franchise

In an effort to attract and assist franchisees, some systems are cutting franchise fees and other costs--sometimes by as much as two-thirds.

A Bad Economy May Benefit Franchises

Learn what drives franchise sales, even in a slowing economy.

Controlling Costs

50 Ways to Save Money in Your Business

Save your company thousands of dollars with these penny-pinching tips.

Keep Comp Costs Down

Take steps to minimize workplace injuries, and your business may come out unscathed.