Global Hot Spots

From mastering new customs to getting a grasp on an unfamiliar economy, doing business in another country can be tricky--but the risk can be worth the reward. Here's your primer on 5 hot international markets out there.

Land of Untapped Opportunities
Nearly the size of the United States and growing rapidly in foreign direct investment, Brazil isn't always an easy place to do business. But understanding cultural differences and finding a local expert can open many doors.

Have Patience and a Unique Product
A steadily growing economy, a rising middle class and an improved business climate make Russia an attractive market. Be prepared to socialize and wait while you earn potential partners' trust.

Many Reasons to Say Yes
A booming middle class and a tech-savvy work force make India an appealing market for doing business. There are gaps in the infrastructure and cultural differences to navigate, but entrepreneurs say the benefits outweigh the challenges.

Make Friendships First, Then Profits
Camaraderie and relationships carry great importance in China, and compromise tends to trump risk-taking. So follow the formula for success, slow down and appreciate the Chinese approach to doing business.

A Willing Partner Next Door
Location and relative ease of doing business make Mexico an appealing business destination for companies with "First World know-how." Be prepared for inevitable delays, pay attention to hierarchy and understand the culture.
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