Want to Be a College Treps Columnist?

Summary of position:

Entrepreneur.com is looking for U.S.-based college- and graduate-student entrepreneur/writers to tackle the topic of entrepreneurship on campus. Discuss everything from starting your business while juggling classes and new startup trends on campus to entrepreneurship lessons from a professor and marketing to college kids.

Basically, if it happens on campus and it's about entrepreneurship, it's fair game and we'd love to include it!

We're looking for five to 10 U.S.-based college or graduate students who are either studying entrepreneurship (and aspire to start up) or those who already have a business who can commit to writing about campus-based entrepreneurship each month for the rest of the school year or semester, depending on your availability. Your work will be featured in a weekly column on the site called College Treps.

What we need:

Using the email address below, send a note with the following information: name, age, college/graduate school in the U.S., expected graduation date, email, phone number, home address, name of business if applicable, major/focus, a photo, short bio and entrepreneurship endeavors.

Special note:

Candidates will be tested for writing proficiency.

Get in touch: