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Tips for Business Owners on Retirement Planning

'I'll never retire' is a common refrain among ambitious entrepreneurs, but the fact is you are likely to decide to at some point. Here's a look at how to plan for that day.

Discounted Cash Flow Calculator

When you're choosing investments and deciding when to invest your money, use this discounted cash flow financial calculator to analyze how much your cash is worth today vs. tomorrow.

Pay-Per-Click ROI Calculator

Use this calculator to determine the ROI for your pay-per-click internet marketing campaigns.

E-Mail ROI Calculator

Use this calculator to determine your email marketing ROI (return on investment). You can test different scenarios to see the results.

Conversion Rate Calculator

This calculator shows you what impact improving your website conversion rate has on your total online sales. Enter your visitors and total orders, and you can see what an increase in conversion can do.

Investment ROI

Use this return on investment calculator to view both sides of investing. Enter the investment amount, equity share and term to see the investor's ROI (return on investment), and what your company will have to give up all in one easy investment calculator.

Break-Even Calculator

A basic financial standard for any business is the break-even analysis -- the amount of money you need to bring into the business to cover your expenses. This break-even formula calculator analyzes your per-unit costs and revenues and your monthly overhead

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