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Save Money by Renegotiating Your Lease

Carefully consider the economic benefits to reach a win-win agreement.

The Art of Negotiating

A practical guide to getting what you want, when you want it, at the price you want.

6 Ways to Save Your Shirt

Should you decide to skip an attorney, this excerpt will provide invaluable assistance to achieve successful business contracts.

The Law of Contracting Electronically

Is your agreement through e-mail legally binding? Find out what kind of online communication constitutes a legal contract.

Secrets to a Successful Business Contract

Learn how correctly using names in a contract can help financially protect you and your company.

Getting Out of a Commercial Lease

Before you sign on the dotted line, make sure you've covered your bases for legally exiting your lease early.

Putting Your Oral Agreement in Writing

A reliance letter can put teeth in an oral agreement.

Do Non-Compete Agreements Work?

Protect yourself against competition from ex-workers.

Playing the Fool?

Wise up by avoiding these 5 negotiating mistakes.

Two's Company

Partnering up? Know what you're getting into first.


How to contend with a more experienced opponent

Get the Dirt

Be on the lookout for these sleazy negotiation tactics.

Right On Time

Use the art of timing to your advantage in negotiations.

Great Debate

How to disagree without being disagreeable

Without a Sign

Don't get roped into a deal before you know it.

Shark Repellent

Keep bullies at bay with these negotiating tips.

Take It or Leave It

Laying down a final offer can get you what you want.

There for you

Getting help from a professional negotiator

Making a List

An agenda lets you negotiate with confidence.

Who's Gonna Pay Your Legal Fees?

When writing contracts, follow these tips for determining who should be responsible for legal fees.

You First

An opening move may make or break a deal--so step lightly.

Turbo-Charge Your Contracts

Smart tips for boosting the performance of your legal documents

Say What?

Decipher common contract legalese.

Avoiding Contract Disputes

Notarizing signatures is one way to protect your business when contracts are involved.

Keep 'Em Coming

A deal that goes smoothly just might lead to future opportunities. Here's how to pave the way.

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