Decision-making The latest news, videos, and discussion topics on Decision-making en-us Copyright 2014 Inc., All rights reserved. (webmaster) 5 Business Tue, 26 Aug 2014 20:45:00 GMT Bravely Facing the Epic Decision of a Career Pivot A serial entrepreneur shares how she came to leave the corporate fold and establish her first business. Tue, 26 Aug 2014 20:45:00 GMT Kelsey Ramsden 3 Reasons Your Business Isn't Growing If your startup has started to stagnate after a couple of years, look no further for the cause than your leadership. Thu, 21 Aug 2014 18:00:00 GMT Adam Callinan The 5 Traits of Entrepreneurs Famous for Making All the Right Moves Everyone can hone that uncanny knack of being in the right place at the right time that distinguishes business greats. Fri, 15 Aug 2014 22:00:00 GMT Jag Shoker The Power and Peril of Your Daily Choices Your daily decision-making can determine your sucess, or failure, in business and life. Wed, 13 Aug 2014 20:00:00 GMT Jeff Shore Fight Overthinking, That Destroyer of Decision Making By worrying and ruminating about your choices, you can slow down the very mental processes that you need. Fri, 08 Aug 2014 19:00:00 GMT Martin Turner and Jamie Barker How to Build a Business in Just 10 Days Get a thriving company off the ground with this plan. Mon, 21 Jul 2014 15:00:00 GMT Nina Zipkin If You Want a Better Outcome, Take Better Actions There's only so much you can control, but it's how you act that usually determines your circumstances. Mon, 21 Jul 2014 12:30:00 GMT Matthew Toren 10 Steps to Quality CEO Decision-Making The buck shouldn't always stop with the CEO but, when it does, there are practical ways to come to the best decision. Fri, 18 Jul 2014 19:00:00 GMT Joel Trammell Celebrating the Freedom to Make Data-Driven Decisions The availability of cheaper, easier-to-use tools allows everyday users to have deeper knowledge of performance. Thu, 03 Jul 2014 20:00:00 GMT Southard Jones 3 Rules for Making a Successful Pivot When the market is changing, you don't survive staying the same but how you adapt is just as important. Thu, 03 Jul 2014 15:30:00 GMT Avishai Abrahami More Sleep Makes You More Honest, Study Finds Researchers tested the impact of fatigue on moral resolve, finding that people were more likely to lie the more tired they were. Mon, 23 Jun 2014 19:50:00 GMT Nina Zipkin Tough Choices and Juggling Priorities Takes Courage Here are 5 ways that brave leaders should act every day. Mon, 09 Jun 2014 21:00:00 GMT Kate Swoboda Making the Jump From Franchisee to Franchisor Several owners who made the shift discuss their decision-making process, what they learned and how they do things differently. Sun, 08 Jun 2014 16:00:00 GMT Jason Daley Got Conviction? Then You Can Drive Your Business to Success. Having a coherent, clear and resolute execution of your company's strategy will help you set your firm apart from its competitors. Mon, 02 Jun 2014 17:30:00 GMT Natasha Mandie The 4 Factors to Making the Best Decisions for You Eventually, you'll have to learn to trust your gut and live with the consequences. Here's how to get started with that mentality. Fri, 23 May 2014 15:30:00 GMT Stephen Key Mindfulness and the Startup CEO Uncertainty is the fog through which the CEO navigates a startup. Life skills are as important as what you learned in business school. Wed, 14 May 2014 14:30:00 GMT Kep Sweeney and Ken Wiles The Scientific Reason You Should Trust Your Gut Your immediate thoughts and reaction have merit for reasons that harken back to our ancestors' days. Mon, 12 May 2014 20:30:00 GMT Matthew Toren 3 Reasons It May Be Time to Sell Your Business An inside look at the decision to move on. Mon, 12 May 2014 16:00:00 GMT Amanda Steinberg Productivity and Creativity Often Seem at Odds, But Are They Really? Some work involves simple task completion; other projects require strategic thinking by an unfettered brain. Here's how to do both. Tue, 06 May 2014 18:00:00 GMT Tony Lopresti 5 Life Lessons That Will Help You Make Fewer Mistakes Screw ups can be learning experiences, but it's probably best not to make them in the first place. Fri, 02 May 2014 18:00:00 GMT Stephen Key