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Richard Branson on Building a Strong Reputation

Virgin Group's founder on why earning the trust of investors, future partners and suppliers rests on building a strong personal reputation.

Richard Branson on Sheryl Sandberg, 'Leaning In,' and Balanced Workplaces

Virgin's founder gives his thoughts on Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg's new book, and shares how to make your workplace a more balanced environment.

Richard Branson on Thriving After Mergers and Acquisitions

The Virgin Group has merged with a lot of companies over the years. Here's how its founder has maintained the company's culture.

Richard Branson on How to Train Your Employees

The billionaire entrepreneur on how to help your staff grow their careers and stay passionate about your business.

Richard Branson on the Importance of Creative Thinking

Virgin Group's founder answers a reader's question on how his personality drives the success of his business.

Richard Branson on Why Money Isn't Everything

You need a lot of ingredients to launch a successful business, but a big pot of money isn't one of them. Virgin founder Richard Branson explains why.

Richard Branson on the Importance of Design

Virgin Group's CEO shares why good store design is important to customer satisfaction.

Richard Branson on the Art of Public Speaking

The successful entrepreneur shares his advice for getting over fears of public speaking.

Richard Branson on Entrepreneurial Determination

The super successful business owner on what it takes to make it as an entrepreneur.

Richard Branson on Dealing With Setbacks

Virgin's visionary founder opens up about taking chances, making mistakes and why stumbling is an essential part of entrepreneurship.

Richard Branson Shares Business and Life Lessons From His Mother

The wildly successful businessman shares the five lessons that his mom taught him that guide him in his life and work.

Richard Branson on Business Ideas in the Growing Health-and-Wellness Industry

The health and wellness sector is growing, the famous entrepreneur explains why you should get on board.

Richard Branson's Travel Tips

The well-traveled founder of Virgin Airlines offers his tips on everything from getting an upgrade to conquering jet lag.

Richard Branson on Giving Your Employees Freedom

The billionaire entrepreneur on why giving employees independence is sound business.

Young Entrepreneur's 10 Most Popular Stories of 2012

From inspiring quotes and giant-brand mishaps to tips on starting up and growing a business, here are the stories that became our readers' favorites this year.

Richard Branson on Being Richard Branson

The globetrotting billionaire and Virgin founder opens up about his legacy, what keeps him going, and why he'll never quite feel like he's 'made it.'

Richard Branson on the Art of Brainstorming

Eight techniques from the Virgin-founder to get the most from your next ideas meeting.

10 Legendary Maverick Entrepreneurs

From Steve Jobs to Charles Schwab these big names in business did things their way.

Richard Branson on Smiling as a Competitive Advantage

Smile and your customers will smile with you, says the billionaire entrepreneur.

Richard Branson on Beating the Competition

Innovate, improve and empathize to stay ahead, says the billionaire entrepreneur.

Can Your Startup Snare the Likes of Billionaire Investor Richard Branson?

After landing a top-dollar investment from the famed entrepreneur, the young founders of have found continued success. But could their strategy work for you?

Richard Branson on Inspiring Employees

The billionaire entrepreneur shares his tips on how to ensure your team remains engaged and motivated.

Richard Branson on How to Use Age to Your Advantage

The celebrated businessman on how older entrepreneurs can use their age to their advantage.

Richard Branson on How to Delegate Control of Your Finances

You can't do it all, so take this advice from the billionaire entrepreneur on how to share the responsibility of managing your company's finances.

Richard Branson on the Entrepreneurs He Admires

The world-famous entrepreneur and highlights some of the businesspeople that have inspired him.

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