Sales Hiring The latest news, videos, and discussion topics on Sales Hiring en-us Copyright 2014 Inc., All rights reserved. (webmaster) 5 Business Mon, 31 Mar 2014 13:00:00 GMT Revenue Isn't the Only Sales Metric You Should Worry About, Here Are 7 More. While entrepreneurs may be only concerned about their bottom line, here are seven other key performance indicators that your sales team should be looking at. Mon, 31 Mar 2014 13:00:00 GMT William Tyree 7 Signs Your Sales Training Needs a Revamp Need better results from your sales team? Now may be the time to create, rebuild or tweak your sales training program. Tue, 25 Feb 2014 14:00:00 GMT Eddy Ricci 6 Secrets to a Successful Sales Meeting You owe it to yourself and your team to run sales meetings they will be productive and engaging. Here are six ways to spice up the agenda. Thu, 09 Jan 2014 14:00:00 GMT Kevin Higgins An 80/20 Approach to More Traffic, Conversions, and Profits Sales and marketing isn't as complicated as you might think. Find out how this easy equation can simplify the sales process and help you increase sales. Thu, 05 Sep 2013 17:00:00 GMT Perry Marshall NHL Playoffs: Lessons in Building a Winning Sales Team Like a successful hockey team, empower your employees and play to their strengths. Thu, 23 May 2013 10:00:00 GMT Trevor Turnbull Tips to Manage a Successful Sales Team The traits that make top sales pros great also can lead to difficulties for managers. Here's how to adapt your managerial style so sales can soar. Thu, 12 Jan 2012 05:30:00 GMT Katherine Graham-Leviss