SocialMedia Examiner's Mike Stelzner on How He Got Started

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Behind the Brand: Social Media Examiner

Mike Stelzner, founder of Social Media Examiner, offers insight into how he made his online magazine profitable. After finding your target audience, says Stelzner, learn about what interests them. Above all, offer something valuable to your customers. Stelzner encourages small businesses to combine great content with the right people before even beginning to think about advertising. Following this formula Social Media Examiner's following exploded within months.Your website has to be driven by high-quality content. That has a big impact on your audience, such as surveys, reports, and contests. Stelzner calls this "nuclear fuel" for your business.The idea is to give people something that is so valuable, and free, that they will be inspired to share it with others. Once the content is drawing an audience, the sharing goes viral. This, along with insight into creating content, marketing your website, and common mistakes made by blogs, are all included in this episode of 'Behind the Brand'. 

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