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How Charity Water Is Reinventing Giving

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Scott Harrison, chief executive of Charity: Water, a non-profit organization that supplies safe drinking water to people in developing countries, sits down with Behind the Brand host Bryan Elliott to discuss his plan to reinvent charity. The core tenets of Harrison's philosophy are putting 100% of donations toward the cause, showing people how their money is used, and building a cool, inspiring brand. His vision didn't develop overnight. He began his career as a nightclub promoter, getting "people drunk for a living." After a decade of the nightlife, he realized he was miserable and needed a new direction. Harrison shares his journey from a wide-eyed volunteer to a man with a mission.

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Bryan Elliott is CEO of The GoodBrain Digital Studios and a Southern California native with 15 years' experience in brand marketing and production in industries including action sports, entertainment and movies, and digital tech.

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