Comedian David Koechner on Social Media as a Platform for Experimenting

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Actor, comedian and budding entrepreneur David Koechner [pronounced: kek-ner], known for his roles in the television show, The Office and the cult classic movie, Anchorman, talks about his road to entrepreneurship. From his first TV acting job on Saturday Night Live to his latest projects, including producing and staring in a pilot sitcom called Whitey and experimenting with sketches on his Youtube channel, Koechner says the way entertainers reach their audience is rapidly changing.

Youtube, for example, acts as an outlet similar to an "open mic night," but with a potentially broader reach, says Koechner, allowing him to easily produce and experiment with content. Participating in social media platforms like Twitter is a lot like doing a live comedy routine because you can get instant feedback from your audience. In fact, Koechner, likens entrepreneurship itself -- with its constant testing and churning out of new ideas -- to the process of improv comedy.

Here he talks about the work-life balance that comes with raising five kids and how he's navigating the changing waters of the entertainment industry.


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