Online Marketing and the Art of Getting What You Want

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Getting what you want is all about understanding how people work psychologically, at least according to Derek Halpern, founder of the marketing strategy business Social Triggers. While many marketing experts will tell you the way to break through the noise online is to constantly create new content, Halpern disagrees. Instead, he advises entrepreneurs to focus on getting their content into the hands of as many people as possible.

How to do this? Halpern borrows the term "drafting" from racing, a technique in which wind resistance is reduced for a car or cyclist by riding closely behind someone else. In business, you can draft behind other companies or people. Say you want to have your business written up by the media. Researching what publications have written about your competitors is one way to figure out who would be more willing to write about your business. Those competitors have taken some of the work out of breaking through the noise for you by figuring out who'd be willing to write about companies like yours.

In this first part of a two-part series, Halpern talks about various online marketing strategies, from how to build your list of prospective customers to monetizing content. 

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