If You Want to Keep Rockstar Employees, Set Them Free

There is an ongoing "nurture vs. nature"-style debate about whether entrepreneurs are born or learn their skills along the way through experience. What's discussed less often is the growing breed of hybrids called intrapreneurs -- people who take on entrepreneurial roles within large companies.

David Armano, managing director at Edelman Digital in Chicago, is one of them. Armano is a super talented guy and helps manage some of the biggest brands but chooses to help build Edelman's empire instead of starting his own venture.

Why? Armano will tell you that Edelman takes good care of him and it's not just about a salary. Armano is creative and doesn't like to be chained to his office and Edelman gets that. They give him freedom and he does his thing. As a result, Armano may be one of Edelman's best evangelists as he is an active speaker, writer and face in the digital and social world. He is as charismatic as he his tough and it's not uncommon to see him riding around Chicago on his Harley. This persona is good for business as clients see him (and Edelman) as progressive, free-spirited and not tethered to old-school policy or ideas.

Watch this episode and let us know your two cents on entrepreneurs vs. intrapreneurs. Which one are you? 


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