Why You Don't Need the Biggest Budget to Win

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Sally Hogshead is an ad industry veteran who understands what brands and individuals need to do to stand out. In her book Fascinate: Your 7 Triggers to Persuasion and Captivation (HarperBusiness, 2010), she highlights key triggers in different personality traits that can capture attention and help people reach their goals.

Of one of these traits, mystique, Hogshead writes: 

"In certain situations, personalities with Mystique have a certain advantage. They think before speaking. They observe. They watch. Mystique is the language of listening. These communicators edit what they say, removing the fluff and excess. They say just enough, then pause to listen before going on. When they do call attention to a situation, take notice. They won’t ask for attention unless it’s merited. With Mystique, substance wins over style. They’re never gimmicky. Never tacky or flashy or brassy. They don’t pitch fits or throw tantrums. The Mystique personality worries less about how they look on the outside, and more about what’s going on inside someone’s head. If you have a complex problem that requires high-level thinking, find someone with Mystique."

Hogshead’s book explores other traits as well, including Power, Passion, Prestige, Rebellion and Trust. We discuss these and more in the latest episode of Behind the Brand. Leave your comments below or Tweet me @BryanElliott

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