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How CRM Is A One Stop Solution For Insurance Entrepreneurs

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Guest Writer
Director CRM Consulting at Cubastion Consulting

Insurance sector is one of the most dynamic sector in Indian business landscape. Regulations imposed by the government can easily make changes in the margins. Though, it is one of the most unpredictable sector, it holds a massive potential and has seen investments from large International players. Continuous developments and changes has made it more important for the Insurance companies to keep themselves updated to the latest development, tools and solutions to make the environment more conducive for themselves. In order to keep yourselves abreast to the latest rat race trends, streamlining business operations and managing customer data holds more importance than ever for this sector.

Though it is true that managing customer database is not the only thing that is needed to make business, but maintaining a solid customer database makes it a win-win for insurance companies. In a competition driven industry, making your team accessible to customer related data increases prospects of sales and management in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

Here comes the CRM sector for the rescue of Insurance companies. What could help them more other than the CRM software that can easily manage customer data for the companies. With respect to the latest developments in the CRM sector, now companies can store their customer data on cloud. With advent of upgraded CRM software like X-Showroom, Salesforce, pipedrive etc. can provide out of the box solutions to the insurance industries.

Benefits of CRM in Insurance Sector:

Features of CRM software that can help Insurance Companies managing their data efficiently are:

CRM enabled software can help by maintaining automated processes for address management. It gives access to drag and drop feature that can create an address, and with other click of mouse the employee can check if the provided information is correct or not. It also checks for duplication. Moreover, employee can filter customers according to their target and check for other content specific fields for their requirements.

CRM solutions can help insurance companies to create and manage different kind of documents and create a template for their later use. Document can be made in form of Microsoft Excel, PDF, e-mails, graphics etc., as per the ease of employees. Meeting minutes for sales meetings are also saved over the central server, which gives access to all the employees to their current documents. Keywords can also be used to find a particular document.

Another feature inn the CRM solution is of assigning rights to their employees. Insurance companies can now assign rights to their employees based on their hierarchies. This can be done by using Professional or group administration feature. One can easily assign rights to data records. Employees can be given access to the data for which they have right. This feature is easy to manage by using User Interface.

CRM software has smart “Opportunity” feature enabled which in turn can help a valuable employee of the company to manage potential customers and their leads. For example: The automatic notification and action service, for example can help in reminding company about upcoming ceremonies, birthdays and even notifies whenever the appointment is scheduled. Forecasts and reports can easily be generated to manage leads.

Insurance employees can now access information from everywhere, whether it be PCs at home or smartphones and laptops when they are on move. CRM software can access the central database via internet browsers on mobile/laptops and tablets. This makes 100% involved in their workforce.

CRM software is your personal assistant.  It lets you manage your tasks easily. One can easily monitor the ongoing tasks and can successfully create follow ups once they are completed. Filters in the software let you sort and display tasks by due date, responsible person, etc. This isn’t enough, there is a reminder feature that timely sends reminders when you are approaching your deadline.

Sales CRM techniques are working as a magic wand for the insurance sector for managing their customer database. In India too, it is playing a lead role by acting as an essential business tool for host of purposes.