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Determining Your YouTube Strategy and Core Message

Before you jump in and start creating videos that help market your business, find out what strategies you should consider and how to develop your primary message.
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Before you create a YouTube channel and start producing videos for your business, take some time to really focus on what the objective of your company's YouTube channel will be.

Why do you want to create video-based content in the first place? In other words, what do you want your company to get out of it? Possible answers might be:

Once you know what the benefits of your YouTube channel and content will be for your company, focus carefully on the benefits your content will offer to your audience. To make your YouTube channel (and your individual videos) a success, you'll need to create content that caters to your company's own wants and needs, but that simultaneously appeals to your target audience in a way that will keep their attention.

Develop your core message

With a specific goal or set of goals in mind, the next step is to draft a core message that you want to consistently convey through your videos to your audience. This message should be consistent with the existing marketing and advertising messages you've already developed for other forms of media.

The message you develop should be carefully crafted for your audience and be short, memorable and easily understandable. Once you have brainstormed your core message and the goal(s) for your YouTube online presence, start thinking about all the ways you can present that message via your YouTube videos, again focusing on originality, memorability and consistency. Depending on the approach you take with your videos, you'll want to keep them short (between one and six minutes in length) and stay on-point with your messaging. YouTube viewers have very short attention spans, so it's important to capture someone's attention quickly and expect to hold it only for a short period of time.

Determine how you want your audience to react as they watch your video(s) or after watching them. For example, do you want viewers to visit your company's website and place an order, or do you want them to share your message with their own online friends? Perhaps you want your viewers to "like" the video by clicking on the thumbs-up icon or leave a public comment about the video. Think about how you'll rally your viewers to do whatever it is you'd like them to do. This will be your call to action.

Always remember, however, that your videos should help convey your core message, be synergistic with your company's other online activity, and be aimed at achieving your overall goals or objectives.