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Ramtin Ray Nosrati: Pioneering Cannabis Rooms In California Mansions

With the first ever "Marijuana Mansion," which will include a cannabis room, scheduled to be completed by Nosrati's company this year, we wanted details about how these unique rooms will work and what they will include
Image credit: Entrepreneur Media
Entrepreneur Staff

Ramtin “Ray” Nosrati is the 40-year-old self-made entrepreneur and founder of Huntington Estate Properties. As a luxury builder, Nosrati has developed more than 1,000,000 feet of residential real estate in Southern California since founding the company in 2006. Nosrati is one of the nation’s foremost developers for celebrities, professional athletes, and top executives who demand the highest quality, creative amenities.

These high-level clients want their home to feature the highest end finishes and bespoke details, as well as traditional amenities like cigar lounges and wine cellars.  Nosrati takes luxury several steps further, offering his clients luxe options like indoor pools and basketball courts, bowling alleys, and putting greens. Lifestyle, entertaining, and individuality are top requests from today’s luxury real estate buyer. Nosrati  looks to the future to fulfill his clients’ loftiest wishes and is currently pioneering what he believes will be a demand in almost every celebrity mega mansion: cannabis rooms.

California was one of the first states to allow recreational cannabis, but nearly one third of the country is following suit. According to Reuters about 1 in 7 adults in the United States has used cannabis in the United States in the years leading up to 2017.  Those numbers are likely much higher in states like California where it is legal for recreational use. If luxury real estate clients want wine cellars and cigar lounges built into their mansions now, it makes sense why Nosrati believes their next demand will be cannabis rooms.

“When I am thinking of new ideas to offer our clients, I think to myself, where can we innovate? What do I personally think would be fun?” says Nosrati.  Magnificent swimming pools, exquisite landscaping, massive garages, “man caves,” and unique social areas are all ways he helps clients express themselves through their custom homes.  With the first ever “Marijuana Mansion,” which will include a cannabis room, scheduled to be completed by Nosrati’s company this year, we wanted details about how these unique rooms will work and what they will include.  Who better to ask than the pioneer of cannabis rooms in California mansions, Ramtin Nosrati?

Wine cellars and man caves have become common fixtures in mega mansions, what inspired you to create cannabis rooms?

I have been building custom mansions for the most discerning luxury buyers since 2006.  This is a very competitive market, driven by the ability to innovate and deliver what the clients want, before they even know they want it.  My unique value lies in being able to analyze and predict trends in design and consumer demand. I believe that cannabis rooms are going to become as commonplace as wine cellars and cigar rooms. Several years ago this would have been considered very taboo, but with the changes in legislation and the way marijuana is perceived by the public now, I am confident that these types of rooms will be requested more frequently.

What do your cannabis rooms include?

When people hear the term “Cannabis Room,” sometimes they assume it is just a room you sit and smoke in, like a cigar room.  The difference with the cannabis rooms we are developing is that they are actually built with the intention to grow your own cannabis as well as consume it without disturbing other areas of the home.  

The rooms will be set up to plant and grow up to six plants, the legally allowed limit in the state of California.  They will include everything from hardware, lights, and custom ventilation systems, as well as every other detail that our buyers would expect from this concept.  

To take things a step further, the rooms even include two years of a professional horticulturist’s services.  This skilled professional will manage and grow the plants for our owners. Everyone has different needs, so that is why we offer the concept, and allow our buyers to customize every detail of how their ideal room will be delivered.

What about people who do not use cannabis?

This is by far the most common question we get about our marijuana mansions.  Skeptics wonder how it will affect the resale value, or if we are alienating custom home buyers who do not use cannabis.  The great thing is that these rooms can be easily converted into an indoor, organic garden for those who are not into cannabis, but recognize the benefit of having a garden customized for their nutritional needs and tastes. It also comes with two years of gardening services.