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Marketing Strategies

How Inclusive Marketing Led To the Making of This Underwear Subscription Company

The company's founders came up with the concept for Knotty Knicker's after realizing how few affordable underwear companies exist that encourage inclusivity among women of all shapes and sizes
Image credit: Knotty Knicker’s

Knotty Knickers, a Canada-based lingerie subscription box company that celebrates women of all shapes and sizes, has managed to change the lingerie industry as we know it through its use of inclusive marketing.

The company’s founders came up with the concept for Knotty Knicker’s after realizing how few affordable underwear companies exist that encourage inclusivity among women of all shapes and sizes. After scouring stores (both online and in person) trying to find affordable, high quality underwear that was also attractive, the Knotty Knicker’s founders decided to launch their own subscription underwear company.

Three years later, Knotty Knicker’s has become the world’s most successful online subscription underwear company and continues to grow. In order to spread their company’s inclusive message, the founders of Knotty Knicker’s knew they’d have to launch a marketing campaign that was as unique and revolutionary as they were. That’s when they decided to create their inclusive marketing campaigns, where they showcased models of various age, size, skin color, etc.

Determined to change what the ‘ideal’ woman is, Knotty Knicker’s included models with pubic hair, stretch marks, disabilities and more in their ad campaigns. Not only did this represent the brand’s target audience, but it also spread their uplifting, inclusive message. The message obviously resonated with customers, because today, the company has over 175,000 members in its subscription service and they continue to grow daily.

By highlighting diversity, Knotty Knicker’s managed to make the edge of a community feel understood and welcomed. No single woman is created exactly the same, so why shouldn’t marketing reflect this? Knotty Knicker’s truly understands this, and by honing in on this message, the company was able to expand its target demographic while also empowering women of all shapes and sizes.

The company’s marketing campaign didn’t just include their own handpicked models. The brand also regularly tags and shares pictures of their subscribers on their social media. And the company’s social media marketing is just as inclusive as the brand’s own marketing. Subscribers of all shapes, sizes, skin color and more are encouraged to tag the brand and share pictures, and in turn, Knotty Knicker’s showcases this on their website.