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How can I obtain an SBA loan or grant with less than perfect credit?

I have recently started a speciality business and I would like any advice/mentorship available. I would like advice concerning business start-up as well as marketing strategies on a low budget. Please help.
Depending on how bad your credit is, your best bet is to find someone to help you in improving your credit and getting it back on track. There are various lending programs that offer loans to less then perfect credit individuals, but that's really more detailed than what we can handle here. Visit with someone locally who knows the details of your situation.

For marketing strategies, a great book series that I love are the Guerilla Marketing series. They have lots of great ideas. The number one way is to network because people buy from people they like and know - relationships are what sell. You can write articles and speak for organizations in your industry as well to get the word out that you are an expert (if this is an area you excel in).