How can I distribute a new product to the appropriate stores without the middleman?

I have developed a new product that has a demand amongst college students. I have the ability to mass produce this product, but I am having a problem finding the best way to distribute my product into the appropriate store fronts. I want to sell this product in conveinence stores. What do I need to do this? Do I need to contact each company individually? Is there a distributor that will do this for me?
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It's great that you are seeing huge demand.  Always remember the internet for the college student market; they are happy to buy and have most things sent.

As for convenience stores, it's usually not cost effective to go to them directly for just a single product.  That's why there are literally dozens of merchandising or distribution companies who stock thousands of lines and sell them into the stores for you.

Now, with that said, you will need to have one of these companies carry your product, but you will also need to PULL the products through the stores by creating a demand from the students.

Getting it on the shelves is generally the easy part, getting it off them is where most of your focus will need to be.  Remember: These middle men are a lot cheaper than having to hire your own entire sales and trucking force.

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Brad Sugars
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