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How do I market my craft to a high-income audience?

I design and sell life size Santas. I know there is a market for them in upscale homes. How do I get them to the prospective buyers? I designed for Boyd Bears, after selling them my company 3 years ago for a little over a million (most if not all went to the backer and lawyer. Before we sold the company, we were asked to design for a professional football players home). I am starting over now and have no money except credit cards to get going again.
Start working immediately to get your Santas featured in the holiday issues of major upscale magazines.  You'll need to make contact with the publications, send photos of your Santas, and provide products for use in photo shoots. Consider this a major PR push for your company.  You have no time to lose as the holiday issues are already well underway in development.  To support this effort, be sure that you have a terrific website and a very effective pay-per-click advertising campaign to bring in sales while you're waiting for PR to pay off.