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Am I using enough sales and marketing strategies?

I started my cleaning company about two months ago. I have a great look, a great design, and an unlimited number of services. I do most all of the marketing myself. I target many businesses, call them by phone, ask the manager for permission to bring my info to them, then take my portfolio that I create to them personally so I may thank them in person for taking the time to look at my info. Perhaps I'm just impatient but I'm trying to cover my entire area. Should I be doing anything differently or stick with the gameplan?
It sounds like you’re working hard. I’m just wondering about your sales close ratio.

Your sales close ratio can be affected by many items. Do you have a Unique Selling Proposition, niche, and are you targeting the right customers? If not, you’ll need to work on this first.

Next, many of your prospects may be wary of using a new cleaning service. Do you have any testimonials you can use to help convince your prospects that hiring you isn’t risky? If not, you need to get some testimonials. If you have to, offer to do a cleaning job for free to get a testimonial, or to show prospects the quality of your work.

Good luck!

Margie Zable Fisher
Zable Fisher Public Relations
The Leader in Small Business Public Relations

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