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How can I create an inventory tracking system without computers?

Any suggestions for tracking inventory in a small kiosk without using a computer program? I have a cell phone accessory cart which I currently use software to track inventory. I would like to open other locations but can't afford computers. Plus, models change so often that it is hard to make up a set list of models. I need something simple that I can track my merchandise with. I'm looking for forms or sheets that I can use to track my inventory.
I would ask why you would want to do anything without computers. The cost of the time it takes to track inventory manually is going to far outweigh having it automated. Utilizing a point of sale system like QuickBooks Point of Sale or Financial can be very cost effective. You could utilize spreadsheets but it will still be manual to track receiving inventory and selling it. I would not make a recommendation to do anything of this sort without a computer.