What's the best way to market my new niche business?

I've developed new pain management technology aimed at arthritis sufferers. I have a website and I use social networking, SEO and PPC--but can't seem to attract my target market.
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I'm happy to hear that you have experimented with SEO, social networking and PPC to advertise your unique product, though I do not see any evidence of social networking apps on your site.

My guess is that you've dabbled in these portals without the benefit of counsel from an online marketing expert, hence the lackluster response.

Successful campaigns in any platform come about as a result of careful research, brand development, testing various messages, offers and venues within an overall strategically planned action blueprint.

Specifically, from a cursory review of your metadata, you could use better tags to funnel in more organically driven online searches for your type of product. Even though there is still a significant amount of older folks who are not using the internet to research treatment for their arthritis ailments, your company can strengthen your connection outreach and sales by deploying a number of professionally managed promotional efforts.

Best first steps would be to research where your target markets are, within various high-traffic online and print health and wellness portals. An overall strategic action plan should then be developed, containing integrated promotional campaigns that include a mix of PR, PPC, SEO, social networking, blogging, videos, online advertising and targeted direct mail, specific to the geographic footprint you want to sell to.

I'd be happy to go over a bunch of options for you, so feel free to contact me directly anytime. Best of luck in all your endeavors!

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