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Can you give me some clear strategies for selling my educational workshops to skeptical Swedish music high schools?

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Greetings from Sweden! I am an American trying to sell my music business workshops which offer qualified music career guidence to music and performing arts high schools. After presenting myself and my educational services to the principal of a music and fine/performing arts high school here in Sweden, he asked me to come back in a couple of weeks to present my proposal to a decision-making
One of the best tips I can give anyone about selling, whether it’s a music workshop business or a widget, is to put yourself into this process from your client’s perspective.

There are two basic questions any prospect has when first encountering a new product or a service: “What’s in it for me?” and “Why should I buy it from you?”

The folks who can answer those questions effectively, with brilliant confidence, end up closing the sale. Notice I did not mention price. That’s because price, to a certain extent, is not important if the buyer feels the end value or benefit is worth it. That said, in order for you to sell this business, it’s important to understand some successful selling basics:

1. People buy from people they are comfortable with.

2. People feel comfortable with sellers who display an in-depth understanding of their needs.

3. Buyers are drawn to purchasing products or services that marketing guru Seth Godin terms as “remarkable.”

4. Be able to articulate distinct deliverables that prove your product is remarkable.

5. Shut up and listen—most sales people fail miserably at this.

6. Be ready to respond to every objection with respect.

Obviously these tips make sense if the seller actually does deliver that better product or service. So, know your target market, demonstrate that you understand their needs and their objectives, prove that you can meet them using clear and compelling communications and actually deliver what you say you will–and you’ll be on the way to major ca-ching!

Good luck with your presentation!

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