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Can you suggest an efficient payroll company that includes web portal access?

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I started a consulting business last year and now want to hire some people full and part time. I am looking for an inexpensive payroll company that is efficient and can provide website portal access that allows the employer to edit employee details and allows employees to view pay stubs as well as submit hours.

I recommend Tri-Core to my clients and everyone who has given it a try is very happy. Tri-Core can provide the online payroll input, portals for your employees (self-service), and pay-as-you-go workers compensation insurance. Their services are also expandable--when you are ready--to include a wide variety of employee benefits. Call Vicki Chernin, Regional Vice President, Tri-Core: Office (561) 251-9096; Cell (561) 251-9096; or email her at Tri-Core does payroll across the country. You can visit their website too: This is not a PEO (employee leasing) company. I only stress that because it does not sound to me as though you need a PEO. You are seeking a sophisticated but inexpensive way to pay your people. Tricore can help you with that.

Hope this is helpful to you and that your consulting business continues to be a growing enterprise!

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