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How can I get honest feedback on a new business that incorporates social networking?

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I am working on an online company that will assist companies with marketing on Facebook using the most recent tools and opportunities made available by the Facebook team. I have all the resources and experience I need. I understand that many companies don't have have enough insight in social networking to know what users want and need. I can help them, but I want to talk to someone with experience that can give me some honest feedback. Where do I look? I am just a young entrepreneur who loves creating.
Congratulations on starting your business! The best place to get honest feedback about your new business is to join a few of the online mailing lists dedicated to your particular area of interest--in your case social networking.

Both Yahoo and Google have dedicated mailing list components that are searchable based on topic. There are also Groups on

Do a search, join a group and watch the flow of the conversation for awhile. People are more apt to help people who attempt to help others before asking for help themselves. It's like the old adage: You have to give to get.

Good luck!

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