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How can we capture our managers' heart and soul in our remote business?

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Business goes a lot better when the owner works inside the company. It's hard to find the right manager and staff for an interstate niche business. We've experienced poor performance, job hopping, conflict of interest and other problems. As a result, we've decided to offer company shares plus base and commission to managers and staff to overcome "the will and skill" issues. Is that a good idea?
No, it's not a great idea--and here’s why. What you are doing is giving away dollars to overcome a lack of systems and an absence of company culture in your business.

First, you should find ways to systemize what you do, which means you need to have an outline of day-to-day activities for each job, as well as expectations and measures of accountability. These metrics, or KPIs
(key performance indicators), serve as a guide and a bonus system for performance--and people only get paid if they perform.

Next, you need to get very clear about the kinds of people you want to hire. Hire for the person and not necessarily the skill. Also, realize that a lack of overall company direction and company culture can be fatal for a business--because if you don't define what your company culture is, your employees or hires will do it for you.

Our company has been very successful in implementing company culture through our "14 Points of Culture," a list of values that help us run our company. Some people leave or are asked to leave because they don't like one or more points of our company culture, but that is fine.

Our teams all know what is expected of them from both a performance and behavioral standpoint, and it allows us to more fully focus on the tasks at hand, rather than personnel issues.

All the best.
Brad Sugars

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