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How do I find a company to produce a small plastic educational item?

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I have taught middle school for almost 10 years and have thought of a product for teachers to use. I know it would be very useful to me, and I think an educational company could sell it easily. So do I contact a company and see if it wants to buy my idea? Or do I find a company to produce the item and try to sell it myself?
My first question would be, is there really a market for your product? It may be useful to you, but is there a use or a benefit for others?

To test this, you could create a prototype or a small production run and then hit the educational expo and/or trade show circuit to demonstrate or show your item. Only then can you gauge if there truly is any interest or a market for your product.

If there is, you can work getting the legal aspects of your invention squared away, and you can also work on cutting your production costs by looking at global options (China, India, Indonesia) for long-term manufacturing.

All the best.
Brad Sugars

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