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How do I handle an employee who retaliated for a change in pay practice?

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I am a business operating room manager and our hospital was just acquired by another company. I have a long standing conflict with a certain employee who has always been out to get my job. The employee has gone to HR and made a serious false allegation that I violated HIPPA when this employee went to ER for chest pain. My director and OR manager investigated this allegation and it was found to be unsubstantiated.
Sometimes it is best to simply allow your attacker to have enough rope to hang himself. You do not want to lower yourself in the professional setting and you do not want to be labeled a whiner. Instead, take the high road.

It appears that HR and your director are aware of the realities of the situation. Let them know (ONLY ONCE) that you are unhappy about the personal vendetta this employee has and you would like to find solutions that work for him and for you. Then let it go.

You can quietly and privately document events. However, do not discuss it further. When you discuss it with other employees you are giving this man power over you and your conversations. If asked, simply say, "Poor fellow, I would like to find a solution that works for him and for me."

Others in the workplace may try to stir the pot and instigate bickering. Do not fall victim to the drama.

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