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How do we attract investors for a planned organic spa in a tourist area in Argentina?

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We have 70 acres close to Puerto Iguazu, which draws thousands of tourists daily from around the world. We are finishing our business plan for a high-tech spa that would also include a vegetarian restaurant, cabins, a yoga and meditation area, hydro-electric power off the grid and an organic garden.
Start asking everybody you can think of whom whom he or she knows who might be interested. If they can't think of anybody, ask them whether they can think of someone else who might know.

You can read a lot of information on finding investors in the United States, but you know full well that Argentina is a totally different market, so you have to look there.

What about, which looks like a government site about attracting investors? I found it by searching for "agencia desarrollo argentino" in Google. Look at the links there.

Look locally; you'll have way too many hurdles to jump if you try to sell not just your idea, your business plan and your team but also the idea of Argentina as well.

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