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How does a sole proprietor make money selling a talking head educational video to schools?

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I run a home-based mental health education business and make live presentations in schools. With a business license in health services and some reputation in mental health, I tried to get paid for my [i]Insight and Summary of Major Mental Illness[/i] copyrighted script in a video. Teachers say they have no money, and the Department of Mental Health is uncooperative, at least for now. I need to get past the volunteer speaker role of a guest educator and get paid for my expertise and story. The video plan saves travel and I can work a day job that has benefits if nothing else. Is there any way to get a sponsor, or whom do I approach in getting my reputable work compensated? I'm for profit, have a book coming out in January and am not affiliated with any school or county department as of yet.
You're on to something when it comes to sponsorship. As soon as your book comes out, make a list of companies that want to reach your student audience and pitch them on having their logos and messages on the materials you distribute. Also, see if you can apply for any grants to support your work.  You can research available grants on your own or engage a specialist to find and apply for grants on your behalf.

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