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How should I bring in more clientele?

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I have a tire service company based out of Miami, Florida. Basically we cater to those with limited time. We shop tire prices for the customer and allow them to pick from several brands/makes, prices, etc. We pick up their car at their office or home and drop off the car with new tires. We want to be known for our service.
First off LOVE your concept! Convenience is a definite attention getter! Not to mention the service is probably needed in certain situations.

A couple of thoughts come to mind on this one:

First, what are you doing right now to attract clients? Are you working a direct marketing campaign? Are you using broadcast media? Are you publishing in papers and magazines that are in your local area? Do you have any intention to expand to other areas?

Do you intend to expand your workforce? Do you intend to franchise? How far are you willing to go to make something affordable as much as it is a convenience to your customers?

With our economy as it is, convenience may not be enough of a grab. You may need to be an affordable convenient solution. You have to then make sure your marketing message is precise to your customers that you are the true solution to their lack of time to get this one aspect of life done.

Once you've figured out what your marketing message is going to be, then comes my next thought:

Where are you looking for your future customers? Are you still in the antiquated conventional marketing channels or have you decided to move into the online realm? And then are you tracking your marketing efforts?

I'm a big advocate of tracking. Whether it's marketing, sales, finance, etc. It doesn't matter. If you have nothing to look at you will never know where your efforts are best being spent. I'm not the kind of marketer--like some of the old schoolers--that love the fact that no one can figure out what part of their marketing budget is being wasted. I'm a huge fan of "Track it, Tweak it, Track it, Tweak it" all the way until you can solidly say this is where I get my best benefit from my marketing investment.

If you want to know how to find more clients, think of the marketing channels you use now, and then think of who would truly want your service and find out where they're looking for you, and market there.

For example, one solution is working on a new bluetooth marketing product that allows you to put ads right into cell phones permissively. Who could you touch with that and what could it bring you in new business? Be adventurous, not foolish. You have something really good. Get it out there!

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