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I ran an online business unsuccessfully before. I need guidance so I can be successful this time.

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I've opened a business online before and could not get the traffic I wanted, so I shut the business down, planning to reopen it at a later date. I have unstoppable desire and ambition to be successful, but many times I get ahead of myself by wanting a quick result, so I don't always take the proper steps. I need advice from someone who has the experience and knowledge to guide me in the right direction.

It seems you need to develop a plan that will serve as a guide, a map and a system to keep you on track. Talk to people in your industry, network and ask questions. You�d be surprised at the amount of information people are willing to share. Use it to develop a framework you will follow with discipline and consistency.

Also, learn from the mistakes of your first business. Not every business is successful, but you can always use those lessons to make your next businesses work. Sometimes knowing what NOT to do is as important as knowing what you NEED to do.

All the best.
Brad Sugars

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