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I'm starting a small boutique. Is Sage BusinessWorks my best bet for accounting?

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I'm researching accounting software for my retail boutique startup. In terms of cost and scalability, I know there are many options. I plan on using Retail Pro and know that Sage integrates seamlessly. But I don't know if it's too advanced for a startup and how much it costs. I'm open to other suggestions.
Congratulations on figuring out how you're going to keep track of your books BEFORE you get too far along in business. While I don't know your business well enough to make recommendations, it's always a good idea to consider all of your options. Sage BusinessWorks is one option. Two others are:

QuickBooks by Intuit. Intuit does a great job of understanding the needs of small businesses, and the cost of its software won't take a huge bite out of your startup budget.

Peachtree by Sage as well. Peachtree has been on the market a long time, and you don't get that kind of longevity by not meeting customers' needs.

Always remember to get a free trial version of the software and actually try out each piece of software and see if it works for your business. I'm of the opinion that software companies that don't offer a free trial have something to hide--even Baskin & Robbins allows you to taste the ice cream before you buy it. :)

Don't forget to ask your accountant and bookkeeper which software programs they use and recommend. They might be partial to one or the other, and this information might make your decision-making process easier.

Good luck,

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