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Should I keep struggling with a slow business that was once successful or move on?

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The business is retail and has been in business for more than 21 years. It has slowly been declining for the past seven years. I have $30,000 in open invoices that I cannot pay right now and I've been struggling for the past year.
Before you "hang it up," you may want to get an outside perspective from a coach or consultant. I’ve found that long-time business owners sometimes "don’t know what they don’t know," and that a few tweaks in an existing model can turn things around.

I say that because 21 years is a long time for any business--especially a retail business. I also have found that there are more opportunities in a down economy than in a booming one, and it would be worth your while to explore some options.

Owning your own business is still the best way I know to get wealthy, and I would do everything I could to find a new or better way to do business in your existing industry before starting over in a new and unknown one.

All the best. Brad Sugars.

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