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There is an increase in the attention being paid to my invention. How can I capitalize on this?

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I recently paid my maintenance fees for my invention, and while I was checking the progress and interest in my invention I noticed a lot of postings and variations of my product. I want to manufacture and distribute my invention to major retailers but do not know how to get started. For the past six years I have been making my product by hand in my home. My invention has not been violated but interest has been building in the past few months.
Have you gone back to the groups or individuals who have actually expressed an interest in your product? It sounds as if you have the legal protection you need, and if you are protected from a patent and trademark perspective, now is the time to start shopping your idea around.

That is the whole reason for protection in the first place. Now that you’ve got it, start your sales process. And start with those who are truly interested in your product.

All the best.

Brad Sugars

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