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We are relocating our business. How can we maintain our current clients and draw new customers?

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In one month we will be moving about five miles from our current location and reopening our children's resale store in a new town. What would you recommend we do to ensure that we keep our current customers and attract new customers to our store?
Fortunately, five miles is not a long distance. With gas prices continuing to climb, consumers are consolidating their shopping trips and visiting several stores per trip to save money. 

If your new store is in an out-of-the-way location that is viewed as a distinct and singular destination, you may have a challenge getting people to drive there. A lot will depend on whether your old customers can find other shops similar to yours close to home and will balk at making the five-mile trip.

During this month before your move, give every customer a refrigerator magnet or a coupon with your new address, which can be redeemed for a discount on the first purchase in the new store. This will help induce them to drive to your new location.

Draw new customers with a coupon in "marriage mail," such as ValPak, that reaches all households in the ZIP codes you select surrounding your new store. Also place ads in community newspapers promoting a percentage-off savings with the first purchase.

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