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What's the best way for a small manufacturing company to obtain corporate clients?

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We are a small ammunition manufacturer looking to place our product on store shelves. Currently, we do mail-order ammunition sales to consumers, but would like to expand and get our product on store shelves. What is the best way for us to approach this? Would we set up a consignment deal or contract purchase? What do stores look for in small companies before they decide to put our product on their shelf? I will be the one spearheading this expansion and need some direction for information or advice. Thanks!
Best advice I can give is to start with the smaller retailers and work your way to the biggest ones. That gives you a chance to scale up your production and not get hit with a massive order that you can't fill again.

Usually I would recommend staying away from consignment until you are much bigger because your cash flow cannot handle being the banker for other companies.

As for what stores look for, a product that sells itself--very simple if you can get the ammo to sell--they will be impressed, so plan some sort of event in their area if they purchase a minimum order quantity. That way they order a good amount from you, you get to run an event to promote your products, they get to have new customers and their old customer invited to a good time.

All the Best,
Brad Sugars

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