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The MMX Files

Investigating the phenomena surrounding Intel's new MMX technology.

This story appears in the June 1997 issue of Entrepreneur. Subscribe »

Computer users can't win. As soon as one processor technology becomes widely adopted, another comes along that makes it seem antiquated--or at least somewhat less than state-of-the-art. And so it is that has recently rolled out its trademarked MMX media enhancement technology for and Pentium Pro processors. (Pentium Pros with MMX technology are now called Pentium IIs.)

Most major hardware vendors already offer Pentium MMX PCs, and Pentium IIs are expected to be available from some computer manufacturers by the time you read this. Intel is targeting the Pentium MMX at the home user and positioning the higher-performance Pentium II as its business processor. The Pentium II is designed to fully support operating systems such as Windows NT and OS/2 (and to run Windows 95 much faster than the Pentium does).

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